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About us

Our Story and Vision


NIM Beauty Pty Ltd. was established in January 2021 with the vision to supply affordable beauty products to the market. Our goal in this competitive market is to sell all possible beautifying products that covers a large range of fashion mediums and use local artists or resellers where possible. 
Our company started with the idea of selling handmade items such as hair scrunchies, which later turned into an idea of not only selling a single item type, but rather everything we desire ourselves as consumers.


It all started with the process of finding material and the right people to make scrunchies that we could not find on the local market. Throughout this process we learned about other products that consumers love to have and cannot find easily at affordable prices. It is in this moment that we realised we can source these unique products with our extensive knowledge of quality and service people really need. 


What makes us unique is the service of supplying our products with quality everyone deserves in a short turnaround delivery. No one enjoys waiting for something they purchased and receiving it with poor quality. We hand pick only the best and do quality checks of every item that leaves our premises before it reaches our customers, as we ourselves expect when purchasing something online.


NIM Beauty takes great pride in what we sell and how we go about doing that from start to finish. 
Expect many more fashionable and beautiful products to be introduced soon with lots of specials and bundles our consumers will want and need in our ongoing growing process. We rely greatly on customer feedback and support that strengthens our service abilities we care about. 

No one is you and that is your power


On the LEFT or TOP on Mobile (Nadia) 

Nadia takes care of all day to day business at NIM Beauty and does all the art work and information on all products. She has gained a lot of experience from different industries such as Transport, Finance, Graphic Design, Web Design and Customer Service to name a few. She currently manages the business permanently. 

On the RIGHT or BELOW on Mobile (Marcell) 

Marcell takes care of all IT related issues and some help on deliveries and  sourcing of new and existing stock. He is currently in the Engineering Industry full time, but assists where he can to make business run smoothly day by day.